Omeka Strengths

by Lauren Baker and Heyrling Oropeza

The strengths of helped us select it as our choice for building a digital art collection. Here’s a summary of the benefits of (Kroski, 2013; Rath, 2016):

We created an online digital museum to represent the Museum of Korean Folk Art. allows anyone with an account to create and/or collaborate on a website to display collections and build digital exhibitions without special servers or advance technical skills.

Other strengths that Omeka has, as stated by the METRO case study, were that is was simple to install and configure. There were similar plug-in themes as WordPress and the plug-in deployment is straightforward.

Omeka provides a strong and flexible approach to metadata representation, such as the choice whether to use Dublin Core or import other metadata sets. Customization of own metadata vocabulary was something that METRO was looking for.

CSS is well designed and easy to manipulate and Omeka generates clean and simple URLS. It’s also easy for users to share an item from the system via email or other social networking tools.

Kansas is Recollections, a digital repository, wanted to create a platform that would allow libraries across the state to upload, catalog and display their historical artifacts easily and with minimal investment on their part.

Some of the strengths they saw in Omeka were: