Heyrling Oropeza

There is so much to do and see in New York City; whether it’s an exhibit at a museum, listening to subway musicians during my commute, or even just taking in the sights, while walking through the city. Heyriling Oropeza enjoys all types of art forms: photography, painting, music, dance, theatre, and literature.

This is Oropeza's first semester as a graduate student at Pratt Institute’s Museum and Digital Culture program. She was interested in this project because she wanted the opportunity to write educational content and explore all aspects of technology available to use in an educational setting. Oropeza's interests include Inter-American relations and bridging communities through arts-focused educational components.

Oropeza wants to inspire people to take advantage of the city we live in. She says, "We spend so much time working that we lose out on the opportunity to just breathe and take in the beauty of all the art around us. We get sucked in to our daily routine and ignore the musicians or dancers on our way to work. Take some time to appreciate the sounds, colors and smells of our city."