Korean Folk Art (Minhwa)


by Stephanie S. Lee, Heyrling Oropeza, Lauren Baker, and Patrick Jerry

Before its revival after 1945 most Korean folk art paintings (Minhwa) were done by unknown artists, and there has been little professional archiving efforts made as of yet. Due to Japan’s colonial rule of Korea from 1910-1945, many Korean folk art paintings are scattered, their labels missing, and their ownership hazy.

The Museum of Korean Folk Art (MOKA) is intended to preserve and share these culture-rich paintings whose information was divorced from their work along the way.

• Image above: Chaekgado Anonymous, late 18th or early 19th century Eight-panel screen Ink and color on paper, 112 x 381 cm (overall) Private Collection © 2017 by Dahal Media, Seoul, Korea